Legal advice
for great companies

Kaiser | corporate & commercial law advises on all aspects of company and contract law. Clients want more than just legal assistance, and Kaiser demonstrates that no large (Zuidas) office is necessary in order to provide the assistance they need.



Kaiser advises on all aspects of business and company law-related transaction practice and commercial contracts, such as the drafting, negotiation and finalisation of legal documentation, and advising on legal matters. 

In particular, Kaiser has both experience and clients in the following sectors: (sustainable) energy, ICT, foodtech and private equity/venture capital. 

Corporate: advice on purchase contracts (shares or assets), shareholder agreements, joint ventures, investment contracts and related agreements, such as management, (share) payment and (convertible) loan agreements. 

Commercial: advice on a variety of commercial contracts, including purchase and sale contracts (services and products), general terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, distribution and agency, framework agreements and service level agreements.  


Many – above all young – businesses need internal legal support with such matters as the sale of or investment in the business. Kaiser has this knowledge and capacity in-house and often acts as the legal counsel of the target business. In this role, Kaiser prepares the business from a legal perspective for the sale or investment and liaises with all those directly involved, such as corporate finance advisers, lawyers and civil-law notaries. 


Kaiser possesses a network of tax advisers, lawyers, civil-law notaries and other specialists (many of them associated with boutique firms) from whom clients can obtain assistance in all law-related areas.



Léon Kaiser has been specialising in business law and commercial contracts since 2008. Before then, Léon worked as an attorney-at-law, among others with HVG Law, and as a corporate counsel. He works extensively with start-ups, scale-ups and (impact) investors, and is primarily active in mergers and acquisitions, setting up corporate structures, assisting with investments, employee participation plans and commercial contract work.

In 2015 Léon successfully completed the postdoctoral Grotius courses Company and Business law.